Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing combines different fitness activities with martial arts techniques in order to help the practitioners challenge themselves, get rid of stress, burn calories and boost their overall muscle and core strength.

Stress relief
The complexity and the challenging aspect of cardio kickboxing help you relieve stress and get rid of frustration. The activities involved can burn 350-450 calories per hour. And as you burn calories, your body releases endorphins responsible for stress and pain relief.

Energy and confidence boost
As you engage in cardio kickboxing, the activities will affect your core and muscles, which will lead to a better flexibility, coordination and balance. Moreover, cardio kickboxing will improve your reflexes, which is quite significant for any martial art. As you keep your body moving like this, your energy levels will rise which will consequently follow with a change in your mood for the better.

At Fenix BJJ & Muay Thai Lowell, practitioners can expect a full-body workout that will help them reach their fitness goals and improve the overall quality of their lifestyle thanks to the benefits associated with cardio kickboxing. Personal and innovative training sessions will keep you motivated and encouraged to conquer your own limits and be the better version of yourself every day.

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