Be honest with us, can you admit that your elaborate New Years plan to go to the gym everyday has failed? We totally get it, the biggest challenge of fitting an average gym into your not so average routine is that gyms are not for everyone! But that’s okay: how about you trying something fun instead?

Why not challenge yourself to do a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout and have fun while doing it? If you have come this far, you must be interested!  Here is why kickboxing is the right fit for you:

1. It’s an intense cardio workout with a recess feel

Working out doesn’t feel like working out when you’re doing kickboxing, yet it consists of intense cardio that’ll leave you sweating! A kickboxing classes atmosphere is also much more interactive than the gym, so you will form bonds with your teammates that’ll make class fly by!

2. There’s no such thing as arm day and leg day in kickboxing: it’s all in

Kickboxing is a full body workout, based on technique that’ll sharpen your mind while working your body.

3. You’re learning skills that you can use in your everyday life

Like any martial art, kickboxing provides you with the technique and skills you need to defend yourself out in the real world. Better to have and not need than to need and not have! Am I right?


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